About Hong Kong

Trump’s comments regarding the appropriateness of Beijing’s actions were made about two hours after the news of the latest unrest hit US shores, arriving as he prepared for the meeting with the President of Pakistan.

Initial reports were scant on details, just mentioning the white shirts chased some black shirts into a subway, and nothing about a group of thugs clubbing innocent people, or the video of the pro-Beijing leader shaking hands with the white shirts and thanking them in the aftermath.

The HK SAR agreement expires in 2047, after which Beijing takes control of Hong Kong.

The unrest started in 2014 when two bookstores sold illegal materials about forbidden topics, including sex,  Tienanmen Square, the 30-40 million people liquidated by the Chicoms, and Mao’s penchant for little girls.

One night the owners and employees of the two bookstores disappeared, black-bagged and taken to the mainland for processing. This was a major violation of the SAR agreement.

Hong Kong is likely to experience a modern humanitarian crisis, the likes of which few have seen, and it will be heavily filmed and documented.

The situation is likely to erode terribly as the 2047 agreement approaches.

A brilliant jewel of freedom, coexistence, and trade, famous and beloved as an outstanding example of what a truly enlightened and well educated people can accomplish working together in peace, this light of the world is about to be extinguished by a Godless, atheist, communist government, with the whole world watching in horror.

Prepare for mass evacuations as the time approaches.

Beach Conspiracy

I’m still trying to understand Spygate.

I’m walking down the beach. A honey approaches. “Hey baby, wanna go hang out?”

Oh yeah. So we go to a bar for drinks.

We’re chatting about where I work, where she works, and she tells me … “Hey, the Russians have a nasty file about your competitors. Let me know if you want it.”

So I know it’s a setup. Why would she know something like that, lol? After I take her home and have some fun, I go to work the next day.  I email my boss about the honeypot and the Russian file offer and don’t hear back.

A month or two later, the FIB knocks on my door and asks me if I’m aware of a felony involving our competitor. I say no. They arrest me and charge me with perjury.

The FIB tells the court that I am aware of a Russian File involving my competitor, committed perjury when asked, and the judge authorizes a wiretap against my company headquarters.

For three years, my company and I are dragged through the mud in the newspapers. Our competitor laughs with glee at our every misfortune.

Soon I discover that there was never a file, only an offer. There are hints that the original honeypot, perjury, and wiretap sequence was organized by people who have some type of relationship with our competitor.

A beach conspiracy?

Congressional Reform

It’s quite frustrating to see Congress lying again. For decades, they’ve promised, funded, and guaranteed southern border security. It’s all in the public record.

I hope part of President Trump’s emergency declaration includes many of the lengthy Congressional speeches on the topic of border security.

I see the Convention of States has hit 14 states. They need 34 to change the US Constitution. I suppose with every step closer, the political class will be watching.

It would be nice to have the time to read about the founding of the nation and in particular the Federalist and Anti-Federalist papers, particularly in regard to the rise of a political class.

Did they intend for our Congress to be as horrid and dysfunctional as the British Parliament?

I suspect they underestimated the ability of foreign adversaries to buy media time. This has been a major issue in the United States since Otto von Bismarck, Woodrow Wilson, and the New York muckrakers. It’s fairly well know that the first democratic party tie-in with organized crime was Woodrow Wilson and the New Jersey mob. By the time they were done, they had promised a fixed, national, federal 5% tax, which was raised to 7% on day one. In many areas of the nation, fines, fees, and taxes are approaching 70% of an employee’s gross income.

Is this what the Democratic Party has become? If a 70 % load isn’t enough, then a 80% load must be the solution?

The CIA and FBI again warned in Oct. 2018 (another warning among many) that our foreign adversaries view the 1st amendment as the ideal attack vector to erode America from within. The VENONA project ensnared hundreds, perhaps thousands of Soviet spies, many with notes in their desks from Soviet psychologists describing how to undermine the US from within.

So term limits should be job #1. The Presidency of FDR made it clear that criminally minded attention whores and narcissists are part and parcel of American politics. So it was cut to a maximum of eight years or two terms. Now the Senate and House need similar limits. This is necessary to break the professional political class.

The next task should be to divide Congressional speaking time into two specific types of session : Theatrical and Legislative.

Legislative sessions can only include dialogue that writes contracts. A contract must be named, milestones written, and funding secured. Any off-topic discussion must be halted with a kind, but firm process, including censure, or physical removal.

Theatrical sessions are like free-form drama class in High School. They can pound the podium with their shoe, vent, scream at the sky, etc. They can even complain or praise a plan, milestone, or funding source if they wish. But they cannot write legislation during Theatrical sessions, just as they cannot engage in theatrics during Legislative sessions.




Even Moore Russia Conspiracy

Sen. Doug Jones (D-Ala.) won the Alabama special election of 2017, benefiting from the efforts of a Russian interference campaign, targeted at Alabama voters.

Silicon Valley billionaire and LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman donated $750,000 to American Engagement Technologies, a firm run by a former Google employee named Mickey Dickerson.

“The advertisement section of [Fair Campaign Practices] Act (FCPA) requires accurate disclosure of campaign ads, including social media,” accoring to Alabama criminal defense attorney Johnny Davis. If true, the effort broke Alabama law.

American Engagement Technologies distributed $100,000 to a cybersecurity firm called New Knowledge, run by Jonathon Morgan. Morgan used the cash to flood Moore’s Twitter account with apparent Russian bots in an effort to connect the campaign to Russian “meddling” in the 2016 presidential election. He also created Facebook pages intended to cause strife between Republicans in Alabama and split the vote between Moore and a write-in candidate.

Moore lost the election by a mere 21,000 votes.

Alabama’s Attorney General Steve Marshall is looking into this fraudulent activity, but has not yet opened an official investigation into the matter.

So, is this practice illegal? According to Attorney Johnny Davis, the answer is unequivocally “yes.”

Even More Russia Collusion

The press conferences from early October, 2018 by the President, Vice President, and Director Pompeo, say it all. Easily found on Youtube.

We are in a cold war. China, Iran, and Russia are funding a massive effort to sow discord and chaos on US soil, to the tune of abt. $500m. annually. Whether it’s in addition to, or part of, the Fentanyl Strategy — which is killing about “One Vietnam” of Americans per year — remains unknown.

The Russians did attempt to change votes in the 2016 election (“Reality Winner and the voting machines”) but the effort failed. They also ran pro-Trump advertising and social media efforts, believing DJT would be easier to manipulate than Hillary.

Since DJT’s election, the effort has flipped. The three foreign agencies (spawned by the one Great Adversary, Satan) are now funding anti-Trump efforts throughout the USA.

They launder the money through shell companies, legal paywalls, and foundations. They act as advocates for foreign entities, pushing narratives that favor their own nations and undermine our own.

Most of the recipients may be simple dupes — political leaders or media outlets that see an envelope postmarked in America, containing a carefully written article, with a large check enclosed. Media programming — in time and space — is governed by payment, regardless of content. However, since the official warnings of Oct. 2018, ignorance of the adversaries and their Cold War efforts is a poor excuse.

These efforts have a long history — the HUAC of the 1950’s that placed Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall on the airliner “Red Star”, the VENONA project that caught the Rosenbergs and hundreds of Hollywood writers, University academics, and Federal employees, leading to thousands of resignations or outright firings. The situation was so bad that Harry Truman had to issue an executive order — a Loyalty Oath — to maintain the public’s faith in the US government.

Prior to the Soviet collapse, the Soviets supported the Progressive Democrats in general, as the three adversaries do today. Woodrow Wilson brought the Bismarkian / Marxist philosophy to the USA at the behest of the New Jersey Mob and the democrat machine. The fleecing and discord in America has increased steadily since then.

Will the CIA eventually apologize for Brennan’s actions, as they did in 2005 for the errors made in estimating Iraq’s WMD efforts? It’s unlikely for two reasons — admitting Brennan’s possible involvement with a Taqiya effort on US soil would stir even more concerns about the continued importation of Islam; and of course legal counsel rarely advocates an admission of guilt.

It increasingly appears that the “three letter agencies” of the United States, the FISA court, and blue city media were duped by an effort initiated by the Rubio and Clinton campaigns, and the Russians gleefully provided them with plenty of rope to tie around their necks.

We could speculate that the Wilsonian Progressive Democrats are more or less irretrievably indoctrinated, and thus blinded to the effort. Rubio’s own involvement will be brought up endlessly for the remainder of his career.

It is also becoming clear that a California “research company” conspired with the Russians to favor Doug Jones over Roy Moore in Alabama’s 2017 Senate election.

Consider the awful display we all witnessed during the Kavanaugh hearings. Most of it was orchestrated by the tragic incompetency of Sen. Dianne Feinstein and her staff, along with a mentally ill perjurer, Dr. Ford.

How can a Senator, with so much information and foreknowledge of the well-funded foreign efforts, allow herself to be so easily duped? We “shake our heads” in astonishment, but she has likely surrounded herself with Berkeley Radical Leftist staffing, all of whom were indoctrinated by generations of Soviet funded, anti-America indoctrination.

In the case of Sen. Feinstein, her illness likely traces back to the tragedy in the Mayor’s office that she witnessed fairly early in her political career. She has never recovered from it and to coin a phrase from the infamous Hussein Obama — “All of America is to blame.” It’s an entirely false and unconstitutional belief, stated under taxpayer funding and while holding office, yet neither of them were, or are, being held accountable for it.

What is the solution? Exactly what the Founders recommended — fearless eternal vigilance. We must believe and acknowledge that the original conspiracy on US soil, perhaps the greatest criminal act of foreign agency in history, occurred with the election of Woodrow Wilson, a little over a century ago.

We must pray that there still exists a robust and powerful segment of good in our government — people who adhere unquestioningly to the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights — and they are carefully watching and documenting the behavior of the Progressive Democrat leadership and their staffing.

We must pray constantly that, as with the “Reality Winner voting machine honeypot”, a significant portion of the government remains faithful to the US Constitution, and are doing their job, carefully watching the evildoers, as we muddle our way through yet another uncomfortable Cold War.

When considering the Progressive Democrat movement, be mindful of the two concepts that, when mentioned, would trigger Woodrow Wilson into a rage :

  1. God Given, or Natural, Inalienable Rights
  2. Governance by the Consent of the Governed

Think of these concepts often, and tell your friends and neighbors. The mere mention of these ideals will trigger many a Marxist (Progressive Democrat) into a rage.

Identity Politics

What could be more destructive to human dignity than global labeling? The black vote, the hispanic vote, the female vote. Nice compartmentalization and boxing job — after all, one can never rise above the level of their birth characteristics.

In the heyday of psychology (late 1970’s), before the victim group mentality metastasized in the political arena, there was a simple phrase for it :

“Cognitive distortion by over-generalization” : A self-destructive mantra (cognitive distortion) based on non-specific (group) criticism.

Another great phrase from the space shuttle tragedies : “Normalization of deviance”. Be it the O-rings on the Challenger, or the tile damage on Columbia, the problems were known, expected, and increasingly ignored over time.

Restoration of the Republic : A Plan

Possible milestones to restore the Republic and the Bill of Rights :

  1. Seal the border.
  2. Declare illegals and VISA overstays an invasion force; deport them all, permanently.
  3. Blockade Chinese shipments until Xi halts the fentanyl genocide.
  4. Suspend all funds to Russia, China, and Iran until the blue city propaganda campaigns are ended.
  5. Restore the Bill of Rights.
  6. Implement a Bill of Rights loyalty oath for all citizens, under penalty of sedition.
  7. FBI / Military sedition (refusal to sign oath) tribunals based on a calculus involving :
    1. Employed by a Federal, State, or Local taxpayer funded entity?
    2. Employed in the child indoctrination service (Dept. of Ed.)?
    3. Employed by a University or College receiving federal subsidies?
    4. Major donor to politicians, PACs, or organizations linked to foreign advocacy?
    5. Major investor in foreign economies or currencies?
    6. Board member, administrator, or executive of a publicly traded corporation?
    7. Board member, administrator, or executive of a tax exempt foundation?
    8. Owner, Author, or Editor of publications or articles advocating for the erosion or dismissal of any part of the unalienable Bill of Rights?
    9. Maximum penalty for sedition : removal from related boards, employment; disqualification of eligibility for related tax exemptions; probation from same or similar activities for life.
  8. DARPA X-prize awards to several private (non-federally funded) conservative history institutions, regarding the following topics of governance :
    1. Do any elements of the Woodrow Wilson Presidency present a danger to the United States?
    2. Do any elements of the FDR Presidency present a danger to the United States?
    3. Do any elements of the Obama Presidency present a danger to the United States?
    4. What are the benefits and drawbacks of moving toward a more Libertarian government?
    5. What are the benefits and drawbacks to moving toward a more Scientific, Reasonable, and Objective government?
    6. What are the benefits and drawbacks to transitioning most government operations and funding to a contract model, with verification and validation of progress measured by independent review?
    7. If errors, flaws, or dangers have been identified as part of this X-Prize process, what steps should be taken, and in what priority?




Blue City Propaganda

According to recent press releases, China, Iran, and Russia are spending abt $500m annually to sow discord and chaos in the USA.

Supporting document captures show that they view America as a failed experiment, easily exploited by the Bill of Rights, which they seek to displace over time.

They use legal paywalls, shell companies, and purchases of media time and outlets to forward their agenda.

The New Jersey mobsters that groomed Woodrow Wilson would be ecstatic to see how their importation of Marxism has progressed along the path of erasing Christianity and the Constitution, ultimately establishing an elitist-over-herd authoritarian police state.


Come Get Some!

It’s so secret that I view President Trump as one of the greatest leaders in world history.

In the midst of the mobs calling for his resignation or impeachment, I have a smile on my face.

The President has said :

1. Go ahead and impeach me. So what.

2. I might run for a 2nd term.

3. I’ll fight all of them, to the end.

And that’s why we love him. Some might imagine him with his back to a wall, attacked from all sides.

That’s not what I see. My vision is of a great warrior, his sword swinging, laying down righteous vengeance on hordes of wretched scum and villany, with a great army moving in behind him, an army building a great and fertile nation anew.

“Show me you war face!”

Restoring the Republic and the Bill of Rights was never going to be a friendly difference of opinion.


Criminal Justice Reform

The plan being discussed seems to have two fundamental goals : One, establish a new parole system that works in parallel with the existing system; and Two, develop a list of criminal scenarios that may be partially forgiven — scenarios involving various mixtures of drugs, guns, and violence.

My own suggestion would be a one-time funded appeals process, along with new sentencing guidelines.

A prisoner (or advocate) can fill out a questionnaire, answering the following questions, under penalty of perjury :

1) Were drugs, with a street value of $5,000 or less, whether for use or sale, whether indoors or outdoors, discovered in your possession during the investigation of the criminal incident that led you your conviction?

2) If the answer to question one is “yes”, was the drug marijuana?

3) Was a gun found during the investigation of the criminal incident leading to your conviction?

4) If the answer to question three is “yes”, was the gun legally purchased?

5) If the answer to question three is “yes”, was the gun found in public area?

6) If the answer to question three is “yes”, was the gun loaded?

7) If the answer to question three is “yes”, was the gun ever brandished by the convict (gripped in the hand) during the criminal incident?

8) If the answer to question three is “yes”, was the gun discharged by the convict?

9) Were any injuries or deaths incurred during the criminal incident?

10) If the answer to question nine is “yes”, were there injuries only, and were the medical costs less than $5,000, and have the victims fully recovered?

11) If your conviction does not involve drugs, guns, or violence, have any and all victims of the criminal activity which led to your incarceration been compensated fully for their loss?

Does it really need to be any more complex than this? It’s just a scoring mechanism. The better the score, the greater the reduction in sentence.

Let the prosecutor review the answers for accuracy and move forward from there.

Finally, reform the criminal Justice system to take these factors into account during sentencing.